Isola is one of the favorite leisure places among the knights of the order of saint-jean. When Fra Philip Villiers was the great master of Isle, Adam planted very large olive trees in order to be able to hunt. The main activity of the Arsenal is the Fleet of employment. Isola has for meaning the word island, this island is surrounded by the sea set at one of the places that are parallel to the city Cospicua. The great Spanish master is located in the middle of the island.

In 1553, a town was put under the name of a French master, called under the name of Claude La Senglea. This city has become the capital of Valletta. Many families were pushed and convinced to come and live in the city of Senglea with proposals of land at very low prices.

This fort was named Saint Michel but was condemned on May 8, 1552, during the feast of Archangel. They had set up in order to prevent the chains and stopped the galleys, bastions.

The Muslims tried to conquer the city of single but in vain, they launched numerous attacks during the siege of 1565. As a result, the city was recognized as an indestructible and invincible city. This victory is announced on September 8, called the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady.

In 1837 Sir Henry F. Bouverie, the mayor decided to use the convent as a hospital to treat the plague. In 1596 the sailors participated in the erection of the church that overlooked Grand Harbor intended for Our Lady of Safe Haven.

When the French occupied Malta in 1798, they provoked misery in the country including in Senglea. Many Sengleans were assassinated due to the charge of treason against the French. Maltese soldiers had decided to attack the French in Sanglea, which destroyed some sixty houses. The French then left Malta in 1800, this occupation did not last long.

Then come the British who have in a way changed the way of life of inhabitant. The British Admiralty decided to suspend the quays under the strongholds of Sanglea to be changed a shipyard. The builders were forced to go to the port of Marsa, while the port industry was in total transition.

The city was attacked by many aerial enemies, there were many death and loss. Even the Basilica was destroyed during aerial attacks such as those on illustrious HMS docked in French Creek in January 1941. Georges VI in 1943 visited the city and saw the disaster, in September 1943, Italy surrendered to the allies. The city of Senglea still holds its reputation for invincibility.

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