Historical Dates

1311 : The first chapel of St. Julian’s was built. And it was the first building on the Senglea peninsula.

1539 : The church of St.Julians was rebuilt under the direction and expenses of Fra. Diego Pieres de Malfreire.

1550 :  Grand Master D’Homedes, chose the Spanish engineer Pedro  Pardo, to project the construction of Fort St.Michael.

1552 : 8th. May. —Inauguration of Fort St. Michael

1554 : During the reign of Grand Master Claude De La Sengle, he started to built a city ( which later he named it after himself “SENGLEA”, and surround it with bastions.

1555 :  Grand Master De La Sengle died.

1565 : Senglea resisted the attacks from the Turks, and was not beaten.  Later G.M. La Vallette gave her the title of “CITTA INVICTA”.(The Unconquered City).

1580 : On the design of the Maltese Architect Vittorio Cassar, a church was built not far away from Fort St.Michael, as a monument to the Great Siege. It was dedicated to the Birth of Our Lady (8th. September), when on that day the Maltese together with the Knights of St. John, were Victorious over the Turks. The church is also known as that of Our Lady of Victories. On the frontispiece of  the church there is written  MONUMENTO INSIGNIS VICTORIE.

1581 : Before 11th. March — Senglea became a Parish.

* 3rd. June — Dun Anton Di Nikolaci became as the first Kappillan of Senglea.

1592 : 29th.August — Dun Vincenz Caruana became the 2nd. Kappillan.

1596 : The Church dedicated to Our Lady of Safe Heaven was built. Many Maritime people contributed to its construction.  Dun Leonard Felici, became first Rector of the said church.

1601 : The people of Senglea requested that they will be exempted from paying the Ground Rent, on their houses. The Council of the Order St. John granted their wish, as a token of gratitude for what the people of Senglea done during the Great Siege of 1565.

1608 : In Senglea the population was:: 2286. Among them there was 4 Priests; 6 Clerics not married, and 5 Clerics married.

1617 : 6th. August — Kappillan Dun Vincenz Caruana died.

*23rd. August — Dun Cosmo Talavera was appointed as the 3rd. Kappillan of Senglea.

1618 : During a big storm, a Christian Galleon, who had a small statue of  the Madonna as a figurehead was sunk. The figurehead was found by an Austrian vessel, and the Captain of the vessel decided to give it to some Christian land. Two passengers on board the vessel, who happened to hail from Senglea, told the captain to give it to their home town, as till then, the Parish Church didn’t had any statue as Patron Saint. As the vessel entered harbour, the Captain gave the statue to the people of Senglea. Kappillan Talavera received the statue on behalf of the Senglea people, and it was taken to the church in form of a procession. But for many years it was venerated as the Immaculate Conception.

1634 :Dun Cosma Talavera died, after 17 years as Kappillan.

1635 : Dun Mark Antonio Ciappara became the 4th. Kappillan of Senglea.

1644 :18th. April — Kappillan Ciappara dies.

* 13th. June — Dun Gwann Dumink Attard, became as the 5th. Kappillan of Senglea.

1645 : Statistics shows that Senglea is the biggest parish, after that of Porto Salvo in Valletta.

1650 : Dun Mark Parmisciano, began to give Grammar lessons to small children in the chapel dedicated to St. Julians.

1660 : 21st. April — Dun Frangisk Azzopardi took over as the 6th. Kappillan of Senglea.

1665 :  1st. Century of the Great Siege.

1675-76 : In Senglea 1886 people died because of the plague.( nearly half of  the population ).

1676 : 18th. July — Dun Frangisk Azzopardi, the 6th. Kappillan died from the plague. Also died 19 from the 20 priests that were in the parish.

*29th. August — Dun Salv Fenech became the 7th. Kappillan.

1679 : January — Dun Frangisk De Pena started his duties as the 8th. Kappillan of Senglea.

1680-85 : Between these years, the Festa Procession started to be done with the Statue of il-BAMBINA.

1692 : 31st. October — De Pena was releived from his duties as Kappillan.

1693 : 11th. January — During the period, in which Dun Mark Parmisciano was serving as Parish Vice Rector, another Earthquake hits Malta. Some damage was done to some houses in Senglea. The Parish Church was also damaged.

*23rd. March — Dun Mark Parmisciano died.

1694 : 21st. May — Dun Mikiel Testaferrata, became the 9th. Kappillan.

1699 : The painter Raimondo Di Domenico, painted the titular painting for the Chapel of St. Julian. But in the same year the Chapel was demolished, as it was also damaged in the 1639 earthquake.

1712 : The re-construction of the Chapel of St. Julian’s was ready. The architect  was Lorenzo Gafa

1715 : 18th. September — Erection of the Confraternity of the Holy Crucifix.

1717 : 1st. February — Dun Fortunat Vella, became the 10th. Kappillan of Senglea.

1727 : Begins the construction of the Oratory of the Holy Crucifix. The Architect was Claudio Durante; the Master Mason was Francesco Zerafa; and the Sculptor who carried out the embellishment of the Oratory was Pietro Paolo Zahra.

1731 : The Statue of Jesus the Redeemer, arrived in Senglea.

1741 : Francesco Zahra made two paintings representing; The Annunciation and the Presentation of the Blessed Mary in the Temple. (One can still see theses paintings in the Parish Church.)

1761 : 27th. July Ferdinand Mattei was born in Senglea, who in 1808 became Bishop of Malta.

1765 : 8th. September — Great Celebrations in Senglea on the occasion of the 200 Anniversary of the Great Siege.

1777 : Grand Master De Rohan, attends the Feast in Senglea.

1778 : 8th. January — Dun Fortunat Vella dies.

*10th. January — Dun Salv Bonnici, is appointed the 11th. Kappillan  of Senglea.

1786 : 21st. May — Pope Pius VI, announce the Decree “ EXIGIT APPOSTOLICI OFFICI “, with which the Parish Church of Semglea was elevated as a COLLEGIATE INSIGNIS.

*5th. September — The Decree of the Collegiate is published.

*7th. September — Dun Salv Bonnici take the office as the first Archpriest of Senglea.

*8th. September — Feast of Marija Bambina, with special joy, for the fact that Senglea “ The Unconquered City “ is the first city in the Cottonera whose Church was elevated as a Collegiate.

1794 : 30th. March — Nikola Dingli, and Maddalena  Cornelio, in their will  left their house at the marina, so that it will be used as a home for the elderly.

1798 : 27th. December — The first Archpriest, Can. Salv Bonnici Dies.

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